Taking Your Backsplash from Bland to Beautiful

If your kitchen needs a little boost in the style department, consider updating your backsplash to create a focal point. Most contemporary kitchens have similar looks that will appeal to a large portion of consumers. While keeping with this pattern is a great method for selling your home in the future, sometimes it can be nice to add a little something different to the room’s color palette.

An easy way to do that without redesigning the entire kitchen is to draw the eye to the backsplash area. Not only is this an affordable upgrade, it is also a simple fix if your tastes happen to change over time. This type of update will give you a chance to let your personality shine through and give the space a more custom look.

While there are some tried and true classics out there like white subway tile, you want to think outside the box to really make the space your own. Try some fun, geometric-shaped tiles. Try some fun geometric-shaped tiles in bright colors! You will still be able to benefit from the easily maintained look of the tile while creating some interest in the room at the same time. Even conventionally shaped tiles with a beautiful running pattern would immediately draw attention to the backsplash area.

If the remaining design of the room is predictable in nature, a patterned tile installation will bring some pizazz to the room. There are also mosaic glass tiles in metallic colors which can help bring out the look of stainless-steel appliances. Rustic homes can benefit from a brick or stacked stone look. If you do love the subway tile look though, try it in a colored glass or faux polished wood version. Presented in this way, it will be sure to turn a few heads.

If you don’t know where to start or don’t feel like you aren’t the creative type, ask for help! That’s what a flooring professional is for – to get you started with some ideas to jumpstart your planning process. Professionals will work with you to make sure that you are properly matched up with the look and materials that will bring out the best in your kitchen’s style. What are you waiting for?

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