Seven Ways to Make Your Small Living Room Look Larger

Are you tired of your tiny and cramped living room? Decorating a small living room can be challenging especially when you have your eyes set on furniture pieces that would never fit in the space. Don’t worry! By employing these easy design tricks you can create a living room that is larger than life. Here are seven ways you can make your living room feel much bigger than it actually is.

  • Oversized Mirrors
    Using mirrors to visually expand a space is the oldest trick in the book. However, it actually works. Professional interior decorators use oversized mirrors in small rooms because they reflect light which makes the room appear bigger. A unique way to apply this theory is to select architectural mirrors which provide the illusion of a window or door.
  • Trim and Ceiling
    When painting the living room, homeowners tend to leave the ceiling and trim white. Since these architectural features are just as important as the walls you should harmonize them with the rest of the space. You can use a lighter shade of a consistent hue that you’re using throughout a design scheme or the wall color on the ceiling. Apply a slightly different shade on the trim.
  • Multifunctional Furniture
    When decorating a tiny living room you should take advantage of multifunctional furniture. Consider purchasing a double duty coffee table that serves as both a table and extra seating. An upholstered storage ottoman can double as additional storage and seating.
  • Mount the Television
    Instead of a television stand, mount the television on the wall to save space. You can put a decorative spin on this by surrounding the flat panel television with artwork.
  • Properly Fitted Rug
    A rug that properly covers the living room floor is important for creating a unified look. If a standard size rug won’t always fit you can always have a patterned carpet cut and bound into a custom area rug.
  • The Right Flooring
    When designing a small space, the size of the flooring can make a huge difference. Most people think that small tiles or narrow wood planks are appropriate for small spaces. Look at using larger tiles or wider plank hardwood, laminate or luxury vinyl floors to make the living room feel larger. The less lines the eye has to visually separate, the larger the space will feel.
  • Plan the layout
    It’s important to plan out the traffic flow in your living room. Section off different areas of the living room according to their function. For instance, set aside zones for working, eating and lounging.

We hope some of these tips will help you enjoy your living or family room more! Try different options and techniques and see the difference it makes in your space!

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