Living in the Living Room

Our living rooms are often more than just a place to watch television and entertain guests.  For many of us, we do most of our living at home in the living room. These rooms become a media room, home office, dining room and sometimes even a guest room.  While we might not admit it, many Americans eat dinner while watching TV in the living room or family room.

The design trend to open concept spaces that incorporate kitchen, dining and living spaces means more and more of us are spending most of our time at home in one room.

Creating a décor that can work with all these different activities is key.  Furniture arrangements, flooring and materials should all be selected to stand up to the heavy use and high traffic of today’s living rooms.
Sectional sofas allow seating for many in a single piece of furniture. Sofa companies are designing pieces that are modular meaning that they can function as typical shaped sofa or the pieces can be moved to feel more like a lounger or bed. Some sofas have chaise lounges that double as seating and storage for games, work accessories or extra bedding.

Now that so many people are working from home, the sofa can become a home office, socializing center and homework space. Having multiple seating options allows different family members to do different activities in the same space while still getting to spend time together.

Living room flooring should be durable to stand up to all the demands we place on the room.  Stain-resistant and stain-repellant are key for carpet choices in high traffic areas.  Hardwood and other hard surfaces are durable, but it is nice to have something softer for impromptu lounging on the floor. If you do have hard surface flooring, try adding an area rug.

Another product to consider that is a great product to meet the high demands of living room traffic, the need for stain resistance and ease of maintenance is luxury vinyl. Luxury vinyl allows you to have the look of otherwise expensive hardwood without the cost.

Designing or redesigning your living space with these tips in mind will make it easier for the entire family to spend more time together in comfort and style!

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