Four Elements of a Hotel-inspired Bedroom

Do you love the feel of a hotel bed? For many, hotel rooms conjure chic, calm feelings. When decorating your own bedroom, borrow elements from your favorite hotel rooms to achieve a sophisticated, relaxing look.

White Bedding

Possibly the most important part of a hotel-inspired bedroom is high-quality linens. High thread count sheets, a waffled blanket and a fluffy comforter encased in a sateen duvet will invite you to melt into your bed. Crisp white is surprisingly easier to care for than a pattern or color.

Plush Flooring

Most hotel rooms have patterned carpets. This can easily add a design style to your bedroom. If you have hardwood floors or luxury vinyl floors, a place to rest tired feet is essential. A neutral rug, placed on either side of the bed, under the bed, or at the foot of the bed will allow you to step out of bed in comfort. A patterned rug would look fantastic. Add a quality rug pad for a surprising indulgence.

Blackout Curtains

Deep, restorative sleep can be achieved with the help of blackout curtains. Select a heavy curtain that blocks all light or add a separate panel to the back of an opaque curtain. A dark grey velvet curtain would pop against a neutral wall and your new bedding.

Sitting Area

To really achieve the look of a sophisticated hotel room, you’ll need to add a sitting area. The type is up to you! Maybe you need a plush reading chair near the natural light. Or perhaps you’d like a small table and sturdy chair for applying makeup. Even a structured settee can invite conversation in the bedroom.

A bedroom retreat is just what you need to escape a long day of work and family. Creating a hotel-inspired master suite can help you feel rejuvenated in your own home.

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