Decorating Mistakes

It’s a new year! A new year means opportunity for change! If changing or upgrading your decorating is part of your 2023 plan, we’ve got some tips to help you avoid common decorating mistakes.

If you don’t love it, Leave it!: Do not use something that you don’t love. Just because something has been inherited or gifted and you feel it needs to be used, doesn’t mean you have to use it. If you don’t love something, donate it to Goodwill or another charitable organization. This also applies to larger items like cabinets or flooring. If you don’t love them, start fresh with a new look!

Define your own personal style: You don’t have to decorate according to the latest trend. Decorate around your personal style. You will enjoy your decor much longer if it truly speaks to who you are. Decorating around your personal style gives unique character to your interior.

Clear the clutter, Go chunky: Small accessories tend to make a space look cluttered and unorganized; not to mention the dust they collect. Simplify your accessories by replacing many small items with a few chunkier pieces. Chunky accessories make a space look clean because few are needed to replace many small items. Remember the decorating rule of three when making these choices.

Research Color: Avoid making the wrong choice with color. Different colors spark different moods on a subconscious level. Research what colors you are considering for paint, flooring, fabrics and accessories in order to ensure the right color choice for the appropriate room and its use. Remember that all of these finishes need to work together.

Ask an Expert : If you aren’t sure what to do, don’t go at it alone! Ask an expert. That could be an interior decorator, an interior finish specialist or a friend, neighbor or family member who’s style you admire. You can also get great ideas from social media. Spend some time on Instagram and Pinterest to gather ideas

The most important advice we can give you is “Done is beautiful”. Incomplete spaces look uninviting and affect the people that live there as well as guests. Try not to get caught up in deciding the perfect look for a particular space. Find a way to complete spaces; they can always be modified down the road.

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