Decorating Mistakes

It’s a new year! A new year means opportunity for change! If changing or upgrading your decorating is part of your 2023 plan, we’ve got

Decorating Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season is filled with different activities that only come around once a year. Decorating for the holidays should be fun, rather than a

Decorating With Dark Colors

It does not take a design expert to know that color plays a significant role in your interior. The hue that you select can have


New trends are coming to fruition as we see old-time classics fading. While design trends come and go all the time, minimalism was extremely popular

Carpet or Hardwood for Bedrooms?

Are you building a new home, a first time or move up buyer, or simply renovating your current home? If you’re debating between carpet and

Using Color in Your Home

Using Color in Your Home Adding color to your home allows you to personalize your space. It does take careful thought, however, to include color

Room by Room Color Guide

Room by Room Color Guide From the living room to the bathroom, selecting the right colors are crucial because it can make or break your

Living in the Living Room

Our living rooms are often more than just a place to watch television and entertain guests.  For many of us, we do most of our

Flooring for Small Spaces

Do you have a small room that needs new flooring? No one wants a home or a room that feels small, cramped, or tight on